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Magic Wand_performanceinstallation_400x2
Magic Wand - Værket i rummet.jpg
Magic Wand_performanceinstallation_400x2

'Magic Wand' performance installation was shown with Annka Kultys Gallery at Code Art Fair 2017 in Copenhagen.

‘Magic Wand’ is a performance installation. The audience enter a sterilized digital scenario, carrying them away from the physicality of the human. With the walls covered in Photoshop’s grey and white check pattern, illustrating digital nothingness, heavily fragmented existences are routinely walking around.

Two naked bodies are forcefully squashed into each their rectangular checked box. Their fleshliness only appears where dotted lines attentively encircles selected areas of the living bodies. The rest of their presence is replaced by the grey/white digital nothingness, as a fulfillment of the human desire to eliminate the unwanted. Sweaty skin appears through the small cut out windows, where the stiff transparent screens persistently flattens all body curves. Strikingly two legs escapes a little box pressed into the corner of the checked space. Not allowed other than the legs and two fingers to wiggle a bit, the body does not seem to perform any effort to escape. Likewise the other figure seems to act with carelessness to its situation, as it frivolously wanders around. As passive interlopers their biological form dissolves into the pixelated blur of the nonexistence in a continuous habitual lifeless harmony.

With ‘Magic Wand’ Marie Munk explores our role as a biological being in an increasingly digitalized and online world. The performance installation reflects upon how the human mind is constantly exploring new territories for the extension of our body’s identity and thereby challenging the boundaries of our biological form. By materializing a digital scenario Marie Munk illustrates the increasing tension between the body and the mind that comes with the virtual world. She presents a post-human world. Here the human anatomy becomes liquid and editable; dissolving into carefully selected and vehemently retouched fragments. Magic Wand is questioning our human carnality. Do we feel trapped in our physical form? Is our biological form holding back our freedom? What is the role of our fleshiness in our mixed reality lifestyle?

Magic Wand has been shown at:

Code Art Fair 2017
Copenhagen, Denmark.
Represented by Annka Kultys Gallery, London.

ANYBODY - The Body and Beyond
Aarhus 2017 - European Capital of Culture, Aarhus, Denmark.


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