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Munk invites the viewer to experience how it feels to be in a data centre, where our immaterial data are proccesed and stored. The only sound one hears is the noise of air ventilators. Data seem weightless and immaterial, but the data actually consume a lot of energy and power when processed in heavy energy-consuming computers. These computers heat faster, the more data they process, increasing the level of air cooling. While the vents fight to lower the temperature of the data centers they heat up the rest of the planet.Munk makes us reflect that in our world, made of weightless immaterial email, SoMe posts and images processed through our digital devices, sound could help us understand the presence of what seems, apparently, invisible. By transforming the industrial vents and cables of the data centers into disturbing and fleshy versions, Munk connects human life directly with technology and the consequences of our increasing involvement with data.

AirCondition Past Shows:

The Shape of a Sound, Enter Art Fair Public Art Programme 2021

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