Photos by Jonas Schenk

A Nice Day for a Run explores how technology is increasingly pushing humans to perform beyond our biologically prescribed abilities. Society is experiencing an increasing awareness of the maintenance of the biological machine in which our intelligent brain is encapsulated. Many seek escape from the carnal ballast and the ineffective bodily instincts by further letting their bodies connect with the wonders of technology. They use sensors and apps to keep track of the body's mechanisms, responses, performance, and needs. When you go for a walk, it's not to absorb the birds' twig and the wind in the trees. We humans go out with running shoes to pulsate to high techno rhythms with fat burning in mind.
With a chip in the shoe, the heart rate monitor is tightened around the waist and the exercise app is carefully set, so you can push yourself the extra, strengthen the meat machine even more and perhaps fight the biological inadequacy. As Kurzweil writes, we will in the future, the so-called Singularity, finally become unfleshed. The mechanical cultivation of the body may be seen as a terrestrial and tangible extension that the trans-human desire to live forever. We desperately strive for Singularity's promise that ”Our mortality will be in our own hands”.

One can experience the increasing functionalistic view of cognition and an instrumentalistic view of human life, where it is seen as human duty to make sure we as machines run as efficiently and for as long as possible.

A Nice Day For a Run Past Shows:

EXTEMPORARY: Art Out of Time (Group Show)
2020, Museum of Contemporary Art PERMM, Perm, Russia

EXTEMPORARY: Art Out of Time (Group Show)
2019, NCCA Arsenal, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

'A Nice Day for a Run' (Solo Show)

2019, Melange, Cologne, Germany