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Big Energy Link 3, Galleri Maria Friis, 2023.

Big Energy Ring, Galleri Maria Friis, 2023.

Big Energy Link 2, Galleri Maria Friis, 2023.

ALCT_© Fabrizio Vatieri_MUDAM_DSC08562-H
ALCT_© Fabrizio Vatieri_MUDAM_DSC08310_e
ALCT_© Fabrizio Vatieri_MUDAM_DSC08434-H
ALCT_© Fabrizio Vatieri_MUDAM_DSC08642-H

Big Energy Links, 'After Laughter Comes Tears' at MUDAM - The Contemporary Art Museum of Luxembourg, 2023-2024.


‘Big Energy Links’ comprises a series of wall-based artworks that draw inspiration from the overarching concept of Big Energy. Each individual piece represents a distinct segment within a larger, interconnected system that appears to traverse walls much like water pipes or electrical cables. 

The fleshy, umbilical-cord-like structures ensnared within the metal framework exude an almost lifelike quality. They convey the impression of actively transporting something from one point to another, akin to how an umbilical cord conveys vital oxygen and nutrients from the placenta to the developing embryo within a mother’s womb. However, in this context, the cords are arranged in a more mechanistic, less humane manner, resembling cables or conduits. This transformation of the building they inhabit imbues it with the semblance of a colossal biological apparatus or a flesh-and-blood computer of sorts. It underscores the profound yet delicate connection between humanity and machine technology.

Big Energy Links Past Shows:

2023-2024     After Laughter Comes Tears, MUDAM - The Contemporary Art Museum of Luxembourg.

2023-2024     Flesh-on-Flesh, Galleri Maria Friis.

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